As an owner of a clever and beautiful Shikoku dog, who’s full of energy, I wanted to connect with other dog owners who care about their Peppy Pooches.

This site is dedicated to all wonderful dogs of differing persuasions, together with their caring owners.

Personally, I’ve come a long way in relating to dogs. A few years ago, I was a “cat person” and, if you had asked me back then, I would have shown no interest at all in owning a dog.

Somehow, that all changed… I’m not sure what caused this to happen, but one day it dawned on me that cats and dogs had entirely different personalities and that, by only having one without the other at home, I felt something was lacking. So, my husband and I went searching online for an ideal dog to suit our mutual requirements.

We both ended up agreeing that a Chowchow would be suitable, but I don’t particularly like dogs with ‘smashed’ noses. I love long muzzles. So, my husband suggested a related dog breed – the Eurasier. So, we bought a wonderful, super-intelligent dog whom we called Tikva. She was truly special, but sadly died when she was only seven years old.

Tikva our Eurasier
Tikva our Eurasier

We were both totally crushed. She’d mostly been my husband’s dog, and he said he would never again own a dog after this happened. The sorrow of losing one was too much to bear.

After about two years, I started missing having a dog in my life, so I began working on my husband to change his mind. One night we went to a restaurant and, after he had enjoyed an aperitif and wine for dinner, he finally relented and agreed to me having a dog.

“You’ll walk it every day and take care of it,” he said. “Of course,” I replied. And I meant it.

Once again, we turned to the Internet for help with our search, because we didn’t want a Eurasier again. It would remind us too much of Tikva. Unfortunately, that will forever remain an open wound.

I’ve always loved wolves. They’re my favorite animal. And I wanted to see if I could find a dog that looked like a wolf – but wasn’t a Husky – as they crave a great deal of exercise. We currently live in a house without a garden, and I can’t imagine myself running (haha) through the streets of Haifa.

I then discovered the Shikoku breed.

However, to make a long story shorter, I chose my Shikoku and named her Nefnef.

And I’ve completely lost my heart to her…

Nefnef with her World of Warcraft alliance teddy.
Nefnef with her World of Warcraft alliance teddy.


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