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How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking

Let’s face it. A dog that continuously bark can be irritating and serves no useful purpose. We’re no longer alarmed because it barks without reason. Besides, it’s annoying and noisy.

So how do we stop it barking?

Before we go into the details of how to stop Fido barking, let’s look at why he barks in the first place.

Why Does a Dog Bark?

There’s always a reason why a dog barks, whether it’s just the occasional bark or a full-on, day-and-night, non-stop barking.

The reason is usually one of the following:

  • frustration
  • boredom
  • fear
  • an unusual sound
  • real danger

The majority of the time, it’s either the second or the third reason.

Barkign dog


My own dog, Nefnef, didn’t bark until she was two years old. Prior to this, she would sometimes … “scream” is the best expression I can come up with right now. It was a high-pitched sound that always surprised us and made us jump.

She screamed when she wanted something from us and we weren’t fast enough to react to her liking.

We told her “No” and, as she grew up, her screams thankfully became less frequent.


We’re both home all day, so she’s rarely bored. But I see (and hear!) other dogs in the neighborhood, forced to stay outside all day (and often all night) with nothing else to do but bark.


One of our neighbors has two Pomeranians and, when we pass under their balcony, they “bark” at Nefnef and me. Okay, it’s not really barking, more like a lot of yf-yf-yf-sounds.


Because they’re scared of Nefnef, who’s much bigger than they are. But they don’t want to show weakness, so they bark the loudest they can.

A Sound

All dogs want to feel useful, so what will Fido do when he hears a sound? He’ll warn us about a potential danger and let us know how lucky we are to have such a brave and intelligent pet.

If you live in a place where there are lots of noises, sometimes this doesn’t make much sense to us, but it certainly makes sense to Fido.

Real Danger

Sometimes there really is a legitimate reason for Fido’s barks and you’ll be grateful for the warning.

How to Stop My Dog Barking

Here’s a short video that shows a great way to stop your dog barking. It’s sponsored by a dog food company, but that doesn’t make the content less good.

Now that you know why your dog barks, you can start working on how to prevent it from barking.

If your dog barks out of frustration, this will probably redeem itself as it becomes older. Every time this happens, tell it “No” in a firm voice. Don’t scold or rant – just make sure your dog understands that you don’t want it to bark.

If your dog barks out of boredom, spend more time with it. For some dog owners this is not possible because of having to go out to work. But when you’re back home, spend as much time as you can with your dog.

Stimulate your dog. Make him use his brain. And give him toys to play with when you’re not at home or if you want a little peace and still want to activate your dog.

Every time he barks, tell him “No.”

In the park, I often see an owner standing with his dog on a leash. The dog is barking its throat out, but the owner says or does nothing. Obviously, such a dog will keep barking, because it doesn’t know that it’s an unwanted activity.

You can’t avoid all the sounds around where you live, but you can teach your dog that these sounds are natural in that area. Keep saying “No” if it barks at every commonplace sound.

If your question is: “How can I stop my dog from unnecessarily barking?” then the answer is: “Don’t approve of its barking in the first place.”

Tools to Help You Teach Your Dog Not to Bark

There are tools that can help you teach your dog not to bark. I’ve never needed to use them, but they are available if you feel the necessity. Among the more common tools are necklaces with a vibrator or inbuilt minute electrical shocks.

From what I’ve read, these vibrators could work well. The necklaces that give an electrical shock only serve one purpose, which I’ll come to next.

How to Stop Dogs Barking

Now we’re no longer talking about your dog, but dogs in general.

I pondered about this question as I sat inside, writing, and a dog in the nearby neighborhood barked like crazy for hours on end.

How do you make it stop?

I have one idea: find its owner, put a necklace around his neck and give him an electrical shock every time his dog barks.

I’m pretty sure that would solve the problem.

I’m also pretty sure it’s illegal, though.


To conclude, how do you stop your dog barking?

By spending as much time as possible with your dog. Also, by making sure it’s not bored, either by being with it or giving it toys or other things to stimulate it and make it utilize its brain.

Tell him “No” when he barks without a reason. And by “reason” I mean real danger. So, in 99% of cases, you’ll simply have to firmly tell him “No” when he barks.

He’ll soon learn that barking is an unwanted activity and, if he wants you to love him, he’ll stop barking.

3 thoughts on “How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking”

  1. And what do you do when your dog (and by “your”, I mean Nefnef) is barking, and I say “no” to her, and then she barks again to argue because she doesn’t agree with me?

    Signed: The husband

    1. So if you’re referring to the time when she and the cat, Frostie, had just been engaged in a pet battle, and the little rat (Frostie) put his ears back and meowed loudly. As always, it worked. You came out of the living room, and Nefnef barked at you.

      “It wasn’t my fault,” she said. “Frostie started,” she said. “I didn’t do anything Frostie didn’t do first,” she said.

      Bark, bark, bark.

      You gave her the eye…

      She barked again.

      “She wants you to forgive her,” I told you.

      “I’m not going to,” you replied.


      “She insists,” I said.

      “She cannot force me to forgive her,” you said.


      “Yes, she can,” I told you.

      Remember what happened then?

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