My Talking Dog Nefnef Says “Nefnef Collar On”

From I first got Nefnef, I’ve always talked a lot with her and taught her words.

When we’re outside, she babbles a lot and often repeat the sound of my syllables.

One of the first things she “said” was when she was still a puppy and wasn’t house trained. I took her outside and said, “Nefnef out to pee” – many times. And she repeated the mantra, often without peeing, though.

We speak Danish, but she also understands some English, Hebrew and Russian words, since she hears all those languages here in Haifa.

Used Metal Spike Collar and Chain

At first, when I walked Nefnef, I had a rope with a loop and a knot so that the loop wouldn’t strangle her. We got that from the breeder, and she still uses it for just going outside.

But for the longer trips it wasn’t optional, because she would pull a lot.

So I did some research and read that if a dog pulled the leash, it would be best to get one of those metal spiked collars. So I got one, and a metal chain as well, since she’s very strong.

Honestly, it didn’t solve the problem. Nefnef kept pulling the leash, spikes or no spikes.

Tough Metal Allergy

Not only did the spiked collar not help me make Nefnef walk nicely, I also got a tough metal allergy from it.

My left hand was almost without skin, and it hurt a lot.

But what could I do? I was certain that the collars I’ve seen in the pet shop would break the first time Nefnef pulled the leash.

New Leather Collar and Chain

Then I stumbled across a thick leather collar and leather chain with brass on Amazon.

I ordered the two parts and they came shortly after.

The quality was super-awesome. Thick leather and brass.

New Habits: Nefnef Collar On

When I first put it on Nefnef, I told her that she needed to get “collar on” (“halsbånd på” in Danish) and I pronounced each word clearly.

When we got ready to walk, I told her she would have to sit and get her collar on, and then her leash on. And when we came back, I told her she had to get her leash off and her collar off.

It became our daily ritual before our walk to the park.

Me Kidding Nefnef

Okay, I’m bad. 😉

I will frequently test my dog’s intelligence (and patience) by kidding her.

Sometimes I ask her, “What do you want? Is it bed time?”

And she gets all upset and tells me that she needs her collar on.

We’ve done it many times, but the other day I decided to record her, because she’s just so cute when she moves her mouth, struggling to say words.

Nefnef Tries Hard to Say, “Collar On”

Here you are, the video. I ask her in Danish, what she wants, and if it’s bed time, and she answers “halsbånd på” in clear Doggish.

2 thoughts on “My Talking Dog Nefnef Says “Nefnef Collar On””

  1. What a beautiful dog. I love the way you have taught Nefnef to talk and would like our Golden Retriever to speak a few “words”. But by nature, she is just not vocal. She never “alarm barks” and the only time she raises a bit of a bark is if she is playing with something moving on its own, like a rope hanging from a tree branch.

    1. Nefnef rarely barks either. I would love for our dogs to meet some day. I bet they could have a lot of fun together, running on the beach.

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