PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed – My Choice – But Should It Be Yours?

It’s important to pick the right dog bed for your dog. Not just because you risk wasting your money on something that doesn’t last. But because the wrong bed can be a health risk for your dog.

Issues such as your dog’s size, age, and special problems or quirks matter.

I’ve gone through the reviews for this bed (almost 2,000) and nearly 300 answered questions from people, like you and me, looking for an orthopedic bed for their dog. This article will share my findings.

What Material Is This Bed Made Of?

Its base is made out of memory foam. The thickness of this base depends on the size of the bed. It ranges from 2.5 inch for the smallest sizes to 6 inches for the biggest.

It’s bolsters (couch arms) are made out of polyfill and stuffed with memory foam. The cover is made out of a mix of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) twill.

The cool thing about memory foam is that it doesn’t go flat. It keeps its shape which means that it can keep supporting your dog, even to its old age. Such a bed should easily be able to last five years or more.

For dogs with arthritis, you won’t find better material for the mattress than memory foam.

Will Your Dog Love Something to Rest His Head On?

Personally, I chose this bed also because of the couch arms. I see my dog put her head on teddy bears, balls, even the bottom of our office chairs (which can’t be comfortable).

Some dogs might not care about a “pillow” but my dog does. If you’ve noticed similar behavior from your dog, then this bed will make it happy.

Where Is the Bed Made?

This bed is made in China.

Is This Bed Big Enough/Small Enough for My Dog?

One of the questions I asked myself – and I saw a lot of other dog owners ask the same question – was: Which size will fit my dog?

PetFusion’s orthopedic dog bed comes in four sizes:

Small (25×20), Large (36×28), X-Large (44×34) and Jumbo (50×40).

Before you order a bed, you have to consider four things:

  • Your dog’s sleeping habits.
  • Its size.
  • The dog’s weight.
  • The number of pets using this bed.

Some dogs curl around in a circle while others prefer to stretch out. If your dog likes to stretch, you need a bigger sized bed for it. Same thing, if there are more than one dog sharing the bed.

And as for the weight, the heavier your dog is, the thicker the memory foam base should be. On the other hand, if you have a light dog, a thick base might feel too hard for it.

Here Are the Different Sizes You Can Get

Small: This bed is ideal for small dogs (dachshund, chihuahua, toy poodles) as well as cats. It measures 25 x 20 x 5.5 inches and the memory foam base is 2.5 inches high. It is very fitting for a cat or dog at 50 pounds or even more.

Large: This size is ideal if you have a medium sized dog or several small dogs. It measures 36 x 28 x 9 inches with a 4 inch memory foam base. It can easily hold dogs weighing 100 or more pounds.

X-Large: You should pick the X-Large bed if you have a large dog or multiple medium sized dogs. It measures 44 x 34 x 10 inches with a solid 4 inch memory foam base. It can easily hold dogs with a weight of 150 pounds or more.

XXL-Jumbo: If you have a huge dog, such as a Grand Dane, this is the ideal size. It measures 50 x 40 x 13 inches with a solid 6 inch memory foam base. It can easily hold dogs with a weight of 200 or more pounds.

Is the Cover Washable and How Easy Is It to Remove and Put Back On?

I washed the plaid blanket, Nefnef used to sleep on, at least once every two weeks, so it’s important to know if the cover of a dog bed is washable or not.

And how easy it is to remove it, wash it and put it back on.

This PetFusion bed has a large zipper that goes all the way round, which makes it easy to remove the cover.

Both the cover and the cushions are machine washable and each part can be removed – the bolster, the memory foam base, the water-resistant liner (for the base) and the actual cover. I heard that this makes washing it a breeze.

Is This Bed Chew-Safe?

No, the bed is not chew-safe, but many dog owners who had dogs that usually chewed up things didn’t chew on this bed.

My guess is that they didn’t make it chew-safe, because it’s aimed at mature and older dogs mainly.

What Makes This Bed Special?

I love that it has head and neck support, unlike some of the other orthopedic beds like the traditional Big Barker.

It also has non-skid bottom, water-resistant and washable cover in colors I really like.

Is It Waterproof?

Nope, but it’s water-resistant, which means that smaller accidents can be easily removed with a dry piece of cloth or kitchen paper.

There’s a waterproof liner around the foam base so the water won’t seep into the material.

If the cover gets damaged somehow, you can buy a replacement.

What Colors Are Available?

Do you want your dog bed to match your dog’s colors or the color’s of your home?

PetFusion offers three different colors: Chocolate brown, slate gray and sandstone (with plush)

Head and Neck Support and Fitting Price

A lot of beds offered memory foam bases, but I needed one in the right size and which offered head and neck support.

Price matters, too. This bed is not too cheap nor too expensive. The quality fitted well with the price, I think. And the overall number of reviews show me that people are happy with this bed.

It should make a good choice for small to large dogs that normally don’t chew things up.

PetFusion Ultimate Unpacked

I found a video that shows how the bed looks when it arrives and how easy it is to assemble it.

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